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I am a medicine student in my sixth year, from Romania.

I really enjoy visual arts and since I don't have enough time to pursuit my drawing, I decided that a photography challenge would be more appropriate.

It's a hobby. I find it important to specify that I am not a professional photographer. I do not own a digital SLR camera. Therefore, the quality of my pictures, unfortunately, is not the best. Since I am hopeless at sustaining my motivation alone, I decided that a blog will force me to keep taking pictures.

Taking a photograph each day enriches. Every picture triggers a memory from the day you took it. You get better at taking photos, you start to worry about the light, the content, the angle.
I would like my photography skills to improve, so constructive feedback is welcomed.

My goal right now is to take pictures for a year, 365 of them! 
1 year worth of photographs !!!
I can't believe I actually pulled this off !
I must say: It is HARD ! Every single day I took at least one shot. I have a lot of boring pictures from when I didn't have the time to go out searching for subjects, or from days when nothing interesting was happening. But I don't wanna give up. Not yet. It's become somewhat therapeutical for me. Especially when I have a great still subject and I spend some time trying to get the perfect shot. I calm down and reset my mind.

I don't wanna set another goal, because I might not be able to reach it. My final year of studying medicine is coming up. And that's as time consuming as it gets. But I'll keep taking pictures for as long as I can manage. And maybe... I'll get another year done.

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